Course: Dinner

  • Easy Ratatouille

    Easy Ratatouille

    Ratatouille traditionally takes hours to cook, but this version is much quicker. The vegetables are simmered for only 10 minutes, which yields a tender-crisp texture.

  • Pinto Bean, Potato, and radish Chili

    Pinto Bean, Potato, and radish Chili

    This mild bean and potato chili comes together in minutes, so save it for nights when you’re worn out but still want to feed the family something delicious, healthy, and homemade. Poblano peppers can vary in heat, so make sure you taste the dish as you’re cooking to adjust the seasoning to your liking. The…

  • Rosemary Roasted Vegetables

    Rosemary Roasted Vegetables

    Rosemary adds a fresh, herby taste to a combination of Brussels sprouts and fresh green beans.

  • Sweet Potato Casserole

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    Use any multicooker or electric pressure cooker to make this classic Thanksgiving side dish. The sweet potatoes get perfectly tender and almost caramelized while cooking under high pressure, plus using your multicooker saves stovetop and oven space.

  • Vegetable Minestrone

    Vegetable Minestrone

    Put summer’s abundance to good use in this quick and flavorful minestrone.

  • Curried Whole Cauliflower

    Curried Whole Cauliflower

    In this quick three-ingredient recipe you coat a whole head of cauliflower with mayonnaise and curry paste, then cover and cook it in the microwave. The results are amazing! Try it with any type of curry paste.

  • Plant-Based Coq au Vin-Inspired Stew

    Plant-Based Coq au Vin-Inspired Stew

    Inspired by Coq au Vin, this plant-based stew replaces chicken and bacon with healthier alternatives, resulting in a delightful and hearty meal.

  • Avocado Sauce

    Avocado Sauce

    Avocados add a silky consistency and cheese-like richness to this dairy-free pesto recipe. Toss it with pasta, spread it on baguette slices to make bruschetta, or use it for a healthy mayo substitute on your sandwich.

  • Braised Celery Hearts with Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

    Braised Celery Hearts with Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

    Braising makes celery tender and mild. Here we zip up celery with a sweet-and-sour honey-mustard glaze. Buy celery hearts trimmed and bagged or trim away the outer stalks from 2 big bunches and use the tender hearts.

  • Carrot-Ginger Soup

    Carrot-Ginger Soup

    Caramelized onions, ginger and sweet potatoes create this delicious recipe that’s perfect for any weeknight meal.