Ingredient: slivered almonds

  • Zucchini & Couscous Curry

    Zucchini & Couscous Curry

    Made all in one saucepan, this curried zucchini and couscous recipe is a quick side dish. For a little sweetness, throw in a handful of raisins with the carrots.

  • Butter Pea Amandine

    Butter Pea Amandine

    Frozen peas get gourmet treatment with a garlicky-buttery sauce and a flourish of toasted slivered almonds in this healthy vegetable side dish. Serve this quick, kid-friendly recipe alongside vegan fish or vegan chicken.

  • Berry Yogurt Parfaits w/ Granola

    Berry Yogurt Parfaits w/ Granola

    There's nothing fancier looking than a yogurt-berry parfait; this one uses a simple homemade granola recipe for the perfect nutty, cinnamon-y crunch between layers of yogurt and berries.