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Build the perfect recipemealplan within minutes

Now you can build a 100% customized wellness solutions in minutes, not hours. Whether you need a recipe, meal plan, fitness solution, supplement recommendation or quick remedy for a personal issue, NutrieGenie will help you create the perfect solution
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NutrieGenie Demo
Meal Planning
Ask her to create a meal plan based on your wellness goals.
Design New Recipes
Ask her to design you a plant based recipe with your favorite ingredients or based on your health.
Tweak Old Recipes
Ask her to make a family recipe healthier based on your wellness needs and ingredients
Get Free NutrieGenie Demo
NutrieGenie Demo
Fitness Planning
Ask her to create a workout plan around your health and wellness goals.
Better Ingredients
Ask her for recommendations for improving your health with food ingredients.
So Much More
There is so much more she can do for you limited only by your imagination, all you have to do is Ask.
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Questions & Answers

Explore the common questions and answers about NutrieGenie
Do I have to create an account to access NutrieGenie?
Yes, you must be a member to use NutrieGenie.
Does NutrieGenie keep my conversations?
Yes, for quality control purposes, your conversations are logged in our system. See video for more info.
What makes NutrieGenie so special?
NutrieGenie is specially trained to give you VNT Wellness approved advice. We train her on millions of data points from published scientific research to shared recipes from all over the globe. If there’s evidence that it works, she’ll eventually know about it and will share it with you.
Why use NutrieGenie?
Because with NutrieGenie there is no more wondering and waiting. We built NutrieGenie to be our conduit for evidence based consultations so that we can focus on the research (in and out of the kitchen).
Explore the common questions and answers about Vitality Plus plan
What is the Vitality Plus plan?
This plan is next level up from the free Vitality Community plan. It gives more access to NutrieGenie and unlocks the recipe collection and cash back features.
How does the 400 NutrieGenie tokens work?
Every month Vitality Plus members get 400 new talk tokens on their plan’s anniversary date (not to be confused with renewal date). See video.
What happens if I use up my talk tokens?
If you use all of your talk tokens for the month you can do one of three things, upgrade to a higher plan, wait for the next allotment or purchase more talk tokens.
What is a recipe collection?
When you find a recipe you like you will be able to save it to a collection. From there you can create meal plans and shopping lists.
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