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Transform Partner Plans

“Transform your financial health and build wealth with our partnership plans”

Our Partner Plans offer opportunities for individuals or businesses to showcase and sell their products and services in our marketplace. With an 80/20 revenue split, vendors can enjoy a significant portion of the profits generated from the sales of their listed items. This fair split ensures that vendors are well-compensated for their contributions. In addition to the revenue split, vendors gain access to our partner referral tools, enabling them to expand their reach and attract more customers. This feature empowers vendors to tap into our existing network and leverage the influence of our community to drive sales and increase their revenue. Moreover, vendors who opt for this plan will receive a featured author profile in our community. This profile serves as a platform to showcase their expertise, build credibility, and attract a loyal following. Being recognized as a featured author elevates the vendor’s visibility and enhances their reputation within our community. Lastly, vendors who join this plan will be granted Brand Ambassador status. This prestigious designation signifies their commitment to our platform and their dedication to providing exceptional products and services. As Brand Ambassadors, vendors gain additional recognition and are positioned as trusted partners within our ecosystem. Overall, this vendor plan presents an attractive opportunity for vendors to maximize their earnings, expand their reach, and establish themselves as influential figures within our thriving marketplace community.

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